Steven J. Cyr

Steven J. Cyr, M.D. (Ian Cision) is a spine surgeon practicing medicine in San Antonio, Texas. He received his spine surgery fellowship training at the world-renowned Mayo Clinic. He then spent 6 years as the chief of spine surgery for the United States Air Force and consultant to the surgeon general while stationed at Wilford Hall Medical Center in San Antonio. His leadership and vision ultimately culminated in founding the Orthopaedic & Spine Institute Medical Centers, an orthopaedic and spine medical practice comprised of multiple specialists. Dr. Cyr and his wife Le Ann, are the proud parents of 4 children (two daughters and two sons).

When a close friend who is a pediatric orthopaedic surgeon came to him with the idea of joining the practice, Dr. Cyr set out to design a children's practice unlike any other. His goal was to create an environment that eliminated the fear behind the injury and / or illness and gave children a sense of empowerment. He felt there was no better environment for that than one focused on superheroes and their ability to withstand pain and injuries. His creation, the Children's Orthopaedic & Spine Center, is a superhero fan's paradise. As a father of two boys who adore superheroes, Dr. Cyr decided to create a superhero themed pediatric practice fully decorated with life-sized statues, memorabilia, and artwork. He wanted children to not only feel powerful but to also educate children on their injuries and illness to erase the uncertainty and fear of the treatment they faced. Thus was born “The OsteoCorps”, a team of superheroes whose powers centered around the muscular and skeletal systems.


The premise of the OsteoCorps was Dr Cyr's life-long desire to eliminate injury and disease. Its main characters, the mentors of the OsteoCorps, are likenesses of Dr. and Mrs. Cyr. Ian Cision and Ann Cision (puns for Incision) are researchers who have devoted their entire lives to formulating a serum that can reverse or prevent injury and illness. The story begins with the successful creation of the Genesis serum and how it accidentally transforms the Cision children into superheroes. Dr. Cyr conceptualized every character personally, their powers, arch enemies, and battles based on injuries, illness, and treatment of the muscular and skeletal systems. The idea is to teach children about their conditions and the science behind the source and treatment of each condition without it being obvious. He wanted to create unique characters imbued with special powers that were in line with those needed to treat their injuries and disease states. In the entertainment world, this is called Edutainment. It is entertainment with a purpose.

Each villain from the MalUnion (a pun for the term malunion which means a broken bone which has healed resulting in a deformity or a crooked limb), a league of bad guys controlled by their leader, FraXure, is imbued with powers of destruction and disease. The spin on the so called "bad guys" is that all but the two evil leaders, FraXure and Vertebro, are actually friends or relatives of the Cisions who have been given a poisoned version of the curative Genesis serum.

The idea is to point out that people with injuries or disease are not bad or mutated, but merely sick or ill. Dr Cyr wants to make sure that children don't feel like being injured or having a disease makes them "bad" so to speak, but merely sick. His characters all have specific strengths as well which forces them to work as a team to effect healing and to become victorious over the MalUnion.

Ultimately, it's a battle between health and illness (good vs bad) but in a totally new frontier. The characters can adjust their cell sizes and thus, their bodies, to be nanometer sized or normal sized. They can fight in the body or in the outside world. The battles are limitless as are the types of cells and diagnoses facing humans. The battles begin in the musculoskeletal system but will likely eventually spread to other systems of the body. Characters such as Captain Osteon, Fusion, and Cobalt Chrome form the core of the OsteoCorps. They are the Cision's children morphed into adult versions of themselves with super powers but can readily transform back into children. They battle "bad guys" like FraXure, Slipped Disc, SkullyOsis, and CoreOshun. The story is unique. The medical terms are informative and empowering. Edutainment has never been more exciting. Follow the OsteoCorps to unveil the excitement and mystery superheroes can add to understanding medicine, the body, and all its wonders. Your journey awaits.....


Osteo Corps Osteogenesis: Birth of the Osteocorps #1



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